The Vintage Motor Cycle Club of WA (Inc) – Visitor’s Site

Hi, welcome to the VMCCWA public website. As a visitor you are welcome to explore what the club has to offer. There is a lot more on the club member’s website but you need to be a financial member to view it all. There are over 600 members in the club with well over a thousand machines registered with the club. You are sure to meet someone in the club with a common interest. Please use the menu above to see information on the Club or scroll down to see a number of posts on club activity. Be sure to contact a club official if you want more advice on the club or alternatively attend a club monthly meeting or come on a bike run with us.

The VMCCWA caters for all machines manufactured from the 1900s through to the 1990s. Eligibility for machines to be registered on the Club Machine Register is basic, i.e.must be 25 years or older since manufacture. All makes and capacities are welcome. Modified or competition machines are welcome also. To be eligible for a license concession however the Dept of Transport requires machines to be basically unmodified and as manufactured. So from Fantic 125 Chopper through to 1300 Kawasaki Six, don’t be shy the VMCCWA has events you can participate in. The club also has the best motorcycle library in Australia and a parts store for members. Come to a meeting or come on a ride and check it out.

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