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Step by Step Guide to Dating, Inspection and Licensing Club Motorcycles

  Dating/licensing step by step guide Please note: you must be a financial club member before your machine/s can be dated by the Club and also before your machine/s can be inspected and licensed concessionally. Once licensed concessionally your machine can only be used on club events or for tuning/testing within 30 kms of home. Fully licensed machines still need to be dated and inspected by the Club to ensure eligibility for use in Club events. Dating/licensing step by step guide Basic process: Fully licensed/unlicensed machines Owner to complete Dating Form and send to appropriate Dating Officer, Pre 1931, 1931 to Pre 1970 or 1970 on, with supporting information and photos Dating Officer to date the machine and return approval with the machine number to the owner During or after your machine is dated you may arrange for a visual verification of the machine’s Club eligibility. To have your machine visually inspected you may ask the dating officer to conduct the inspection or choose from a club inspector closer to your home. Machine to remain on full licence – (Go to Step 9) Fully licensed machine to concessional license - (Go to Step 7) Seeking Concessional Licence (unlicensed machines) - After dating, the Machine Examiner will inspect the machine (a $15 fee may apply) in accord with club eligibility, inspection and 404 concessional requirements and will issue a formal advice to that effect if machine is suitable. (Note 1: For an unlicensed machine you will require a movement permit prior to first inspection, even if you bring the bike on a trailer, as it cannot be road tested without a permit Note 2. If machine unlicensed road test is at your own risk. Note 3. You may take the machine to any DoT authorised examiner). Secretary to issue financial membership letter after confirming dating, visual inspection and, for an unlicensed bike, machine examination. Owner to complete licensing requirements with DOT Owner to provide dating, visual inspection and licence details to Club Registrar Club Registrar will issue the owner with yellow club registration disc & historic plate (for a fee). Machine can then be ridden in club events Note: 1. the machine examiner may be able to issue the historic plate if stocks are available       The steps in somewhat more detail: Steps in process Extracts from 05 VMCCWA Tech Procedural Instruction Read club eligibility 25 year rule and preservation of machines A motorcycle is eligible at the end of…


A T.T. IN THE ANTIPODES. (The Motor Cycle Nov 1934, via Charlie Lawson) FIRST ROAD RACE IN WA WON BY G.BEST (496 Ariel) Motor cycle racing in the Antipodes received a distinct fillip recently, for as a result of great efforts on the part of the WA Motor Cycling association, the first W.A T.T. was held. The race was over the North Beach circuit near Perth, the course roughly rectangular in shape, picturesquely situated overlooking the Indian Ocean, with just over two miles per lap for the twenty laps race. In spite of the small circuit there were many difficult corners, with most of the roads in very poor condition. Eighteen riders came to the line, and from a spectacular mass start the race resolved into a great duel between Berryman (Ariel) and Wilkinson (Harley Davidson). Best the ultimate winner, (Ariel Red Hunter) lost time after a slight collision at the first corner, and at the end of the first lap was last. Wilkinson took the lead, and hard on the heels of Berryman came Teske (Harley Davidson). Meanwhile Best riding as one possessed, meteorically tore his way through the field. Hot favourite Charman (BSA) coasted in and retired, as did Schiller (Indian). Clementson (Velocette) pulled into his pit, adjusted his clutch and departed at speed. Arthur (AJS) skidded and crashed almost in front of the judge’s box with minor injuries, while Reid (FN) broke down at the back of the course and did not make a further appearance. The Harleys then lying first and second lapping together, with Berryman lapping consistently, but Best eventually caught up and passed him by lap ten leaving only the Harleys to challenge the Ariel. Wilkinson on his fourteenth lap had Best on his tail, looking like justifying his name, Berryman again moving to third afterTeske had skidded on a bend on the ocean promenade and fallen, uninjured but had retired. Now only yards separated the leaders as with a lap to go and Wilkinson leading by a length, they passed the official stand and rocketed towards the rising right hand bend when tragedy struck. Best with tyres screaming laid over for the corner, broadsided violently and got away, but Wilkinson without attempting to slow for the corner, sailed straight on down the slip road, having mistaken the “last lap flag”, wretched luck after a splendidly ridden race. Quickly told of his mistake he…