The gang at John O’Groats in Scotland

46th Irish Motorcycle Rally – Last Days

THe rasp of the Scott has died down, but the memories of the 46th National Irish Rally are still vivid. I’m astride Peter Maddox’s vintage, two speed Scott outside the rally’s most notorious watering hole.

John Wightman

46th Irish Motorcycle Rally

Day 1

Day 1 of the rally consisted of over 200 km of roads varying from B and C to narrow tracks. The route transversed magnificent scenery and it was agreed by all 3 Aussie riders that it was the best riding ever.

Day 2

Day 2 turned out to be even longer and better than day one. The route of over 280 km had sections so rough and slow that we were riding for 9-10 hours – the photos speak for them selves. The weather could have been better but then again it could have been a lot worse.

Irish Rally Kicks Off

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Outside the Golf Course of the Castlerosse. There are 3 Brough Superiors, A Williamson, 4 Scotts and 15 Beemers on the starting grid!

2012 UK Tour

Well its on again 3 of the participants of the 2010 UK Tour have returned to the UK for a 2012 follow up.

Dave A – riding a 1921 Indian 600cc Scout

Carl M – riding a 1930 Sunbeam Longtroke 500cc 6A Lion

John W – riding a 1936 Scott 600cc Flying Squirre

All three met in Newcastle on Tuesday 14th August, traveled to Hawes and rode the bikes that afternoon. Wednesday was a trip to Tan Hill (the highest pub in England), Thursday more touring around Hawes, Friday a drive down to Hollyhead and a ferry to Ireland.

Friday night was spent at a delightful town in Ireland called Graiguenmanagh (Graig na Manach) complete will canals, longboats and Irish pubs. Saturday we moved on to Courtmacsherry where we found ourselves amongst a Cork Vintage Riders Rally the next morning a joined in. Sunday we had moved on to Castlerosse Hotel Killarney – the start of the Irish National Vintage Rally.

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2012 UK Tour – Riding around the Yorkshire Dales near Hawes

This is a short video of the start of our UK 2012 Tour with three Aussies riding vintage motorcycles around the Yorkshire Dales in August 2012.

Carl M on a 1930 Sunbeam 6A Lion Longstroke 500cc
Dave A on a 1921 Indian Scout 600cc
John W on a 1936 Scott Flying Squirrel 600cc

The 46th Irish National Rally Preliminary

John Wightman writes from Ireland:
The night before last, we were driving till 8pm at night, light was fading quickly, we ended up in a quaint little village on a remote inlet in southern Ireland, Courtmacsherry. I opened the door of the only hotel and nearly got bowled over by a bunch of festive Irish folk, attending a wedding. I muscled my way up to the counter and a leprachaun like looking fellow asked if he could be of assistance. I said “We are a trio of weary Australian travellers and we were wondering if you have a triple room left for us”. “I don’t tink soo” he said let me check……..
Then he anxiously scanned the little croxley pad in front of him and pulled a face. We’ve got just one room left, aye but ye’ll nae be minding the nise of the wedding guests and nae only tat, we’ave a vintage motorcycle rally startin’ from the front of the hotel temorrrer morning at eeght.

The highest pub in Britain

John Wightman is preparing for the 46th Irish National gathering by riding on the Pennine Way to Tan Hill Pub, Richmond, Swaledale, North Yorkshire, England. At an elevation of 528 metres (1,732 ft), and 11 miles from the nearest town, it is isolated in English eyes!