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Vincent Land Speed Record

Mal Hewett : Vintage Motorcyle Dry Lake Land Speed RecordsGo inside the world of dry lake land speed records riding vintage motorcycles and breaking worlds records with Mal Hewett and the Vincent Racing Team. Mal recounts his unlikely passion for refurbishing his 1950 Vincent Rapide motorcycle and setting world land speed records on salt flats or dry lakes.

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Instructional video “How to use a Gunson Colortune”

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Suzuki RE5 with a SU carburetor conversion

This is a Suzuki RE5 that has had the standard carburetor replaced with a SU carburetor, this removes the flat spot that is apparent on almost all RE5’s (to varying extents) caused by the progression from the small primary venturi to the larger secondary venturi that has to be perfectly aligned with the opening of the port valve.
A CV carburetor removes the need for this precise timing.
The short video shows the bike accelerating through the gears at moderate throttle openings and then a top gear roll-on (through the flat spot zone), the second part is more aggressive accelerating from a standstill through all the gears.

1928 Indian 101 riding the VMCC of WA Beverley Run

This is a few short clips of the 2010 VMCC of WA “Beverley Ride” taken with a Tachyon XC camera mounted on the handlebars of a 1928 Indian 101.
Road, engine and wind noise is excessive and this type of camera mounting is unsuited to older bikes.
The video shows leaving the morning tea stop, traveling into along the road and departing the historic town of York.

AJS Cammys on the VMCC of WA 88 Run

2 Vintage AJS Cammys (a 1928 500cc K10 and a 1929 350cc M7) on the VMCC of WA “88” Run.
The video was taken with a helmet mounted Tachyon XC camera while riding the M7. The M7’s clutch had been changed to modern linings and was giving gear change problems, it has since been returned to cork and works/changes gear much better.

Arthur Grady Ride – Fremantle 2 June 2012

The pre-1930 contingent set out from Fremantle Town Hall – paulymx

Vintage Motorcycles Display – VMCCWA Swap meet 2008 – Western Australia

Vintage Motorcycles Display – Western Australia – VMCCWA – Murray Barnard –

Vintage Motorcycles Western Australia

Vintage Motorcycles Western Australia VMCCWA – Murray Barnard – – Inspection Day 2008

1916 BSA K Model on VMCC of WA Foundation Run

This is a video of a 1916 BSA K Model riding sections of the VMCC of WA Foundation Run in Perth July 1st, 2012.
This is a trial with a Tachyon XC camera mounted on the riders chest with felt insulation on the camera body to cut wind noise, the felt covering was a vast improvement over the standard Tachyon XC that has an inbuilt microphone in a waterproof case and suffers from horrendous wind noise. The highly amplified rustling from the camera brushing up against the jacket is unavoidable.
The BSA K Model is a 560cc single cylinder veteran motorcycle, 3 speed, belt drive, with a right foot clutch, left foot rear brake, left hand decompresser and left hand manual ignition advance, a right hand twin throttle lever and right hand hand gear change. Engine lubrication is total lose with a tank mounted oil pump/oil regulator.