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Arthur Grady Day – 28 May 2016

Good turnout and a lucky break in the wet weather saw the Arthur Grady Day being a great success. Originally run to celebrate the feats of Arthur Grady a Fremantle bicycle maker who became the first person to ride a motorcycle around Australia. The event has grown into a fantastic celebration of all things vintage. Pics: Murray Barnard [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="3294,3292,3291,3384,3383,3382,3381,3380,3379,3378,3377,3376,3375,3374,3373,3372,3371,3370,3369,3368,3367,3366,3365,3364,3363,3362,3361,3360,3359,3358,3357,3356,3355,3354,3353,3352,3351,3350,3349,3348,3347,3346,3345,3344,3343,3342,3341,3340,3339,3338,3337,3336,3335,3334,3333,3332,3331,3330,3329,3328,3327,3326,3325,3324,3323,3322,3321,3320,3319,3318,3317,3316,3315,3314,3313,3312,3311,3310,3309,3308,3307,3306,3305,3304,3303,3302,3301,3300,3299,3298,3297,3296,3295"] Around Australia by Motorcycle 1925 Around a Continent by Motor Cycle. "AN APPRECIATION" By the manufacturer of the machine. Messers. The Douglas Motors LTD. Just a word of introduction before the reader's mind is absorbed in Mr. Grady's wonderful narrative. With regard to the actual feat accomplished words are not necessary. It is a wonderful example of a Britisher's pluck and stamina, coupled with the power of endurance in a machine of our manufacture, and has once more given further cause for our perfect faith that the Douglas Motor Cycle is the very last word in efficiency. The following story is exactly as Mr. Grady wrote it, word for word, without alteration of any sort. He wrote this of his own accord from the jottings in his diary and without influence from anyone interested in the machine or its complementary parts. "FURTHER COMMENTS" By the Editor of the "MOTOR CYCLE" Reprinted from their issue of June 11th, 1925. THE EPIC RIDE. Would that there have been more from the young explorer's pen, for the modest account of his five months' journey leaves a great deal to the imagination. He is, first and foremost, a motor cyclist; he has made no claims to being a writer. Perhaps for this reason the account rings more sincere than would have been the case had the intrepid pathfinder set out merely to secure publicity. He had preferred to allow his ride to speak for itself. Unfortunately very few can appreciate fully the magnitude of the achievement, the dangers encountered, and the difficulties overcome, for in the modern world of ours it is hard to realise that parts of an island continent like Australia remain unexplored and are so out of touch with civilisation that failure of the explorer's mount would mean certain death. It is one thing to set off on a journey knowing that, in the event of failure, other modes of transport can be utilised-to continue or to return-but it is quite another proportion when the traveller knows that a…

National Velocette Rally

Meet and greet at the Forrestfield Clubrooms for the 12th National Velocette Rally Pics by Murray Barnard: [gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3113,3114,3115,3116,3117,3118,3119,3120,3121,3122,3123"]