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W.A.T.T. Re-enactment 2014 Every single wallaby between Perth and York shrank back at least 100m from the roadside on the morning of 19 October. Not because the department of correctional services had just released another serial sex offender into the Avon Valley community, Esmeralda but because there was a Gold Star, a shovelhead Harley Davidson and a souped up AJS on Bill Cowlin’s York T.T. commemorative rally, all contributing to a truly resonating day. It all started back at the Club Rooms, with veterans, Michael Rock, 1910 Triumph, Jeff Sieber, 1919 Coventry Victor, Carl Montgomery , 1915 B.S.A. Dave Alderson, 1912 Triumph and Phil Skinner, 1918 Triumph, all leaving before 8.15, with the heavens becoming more bruised looking by the minute. Indeed, by 8.30 as some of the vintage and classic boys started moving out, it started to drizzle and it didn’t stop raining anywhere on the track for the next 4 hours. At ten o’clock, most of the crew were parked up at the Lakes, looking hopefully to see if the sky was clearing, having conquered Greenmount hill and the first quarter of the course. Back in 1912, when C.J. Lewis so spectacularly won the race, on a 2 3/4 hp Sunbeam, the course also followed a similar route, starting and finishing in Perth, turning back at the town of York. With more rain falling, Michael put his bike on the back up and the rest gingerly set off, arriving in York in spits and spurts. Rex Edmondson, aboard the perennial black Triumph and Chris Whisson, also on a Triumph but with son-in-law in tow, were some of the punters that parked up for lunch. Bill was riding his AJS, Mike Davie on his combination (sans passenger) Jim and Carol Clark aboard the BSA and Ron and Lynn Gordon on their Norton, added credence to the line-up. The two Suzukis of Paul Spittle and Andrew Hyland preceded two, 5m high roostertails of spray, on their grand entrance to the town. Once in York, the gasping crowds gathered round the parking lot and quizzed the riders. Janet Alderson explained that she nearly brought the early 30’s Scott of Dave’s but the dampness made her reconsider, bringing the Honda instead. Dave told them of the recently completed Adelaide to Darwin mission and I told them that I also had one of the first-of–the-foot-change Scott flying squirrels and that I had ridden…