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Dwellingup ride – 6 October 13

Dwellingup Ride 6 October 2013   One of the reasons, I imagine  that Leinster Nickel Mine stays open, is to supply metal for Kevin Badby’s chromed parts, this time on his Series B Vincent, which blinded VMCC members and gasping bystanders on a sunny October Sunday morning, at Byford shops. There was a formidable clutch of 750 BMW’s as well, Mike Clifford, where were YOU?, Charles Lawson and various members of the clan (all on Nortons, of course) and the usual spread of mid 50’s British bikes, ridden by Terry, Elliot, John Moorehead and several others. Dick Taylor was campaigning his immaculate Velocette Venom (everybody was expecting Clive Glands to heave into view as well, on his Venom). The routesheet was short, sharp and crisp, most used theirs as a means of drying/cleaning their points or scribbling down a phone number… A little C15 BSA set the train in motion, then the rest of the squadron of rattlers set off down South West Highway, Charles bringing up the rear with the trailer. It seemed to be foaling season, with several young horses, clad in blankets tottering around their paddocks. In one field, a large Aberdeen Angus bull, the size of a white rhinoceros, leant its head over the fence, and let out an almighty roar, every time a Norton rode past. My green BMW was camouflaged perfectly by the bright green pastures all the way up, canals still swollen form all the recent rain. None fell throughout our run though, with small wispy clouds chasing across a mainly blue sky. Soon, we all pulled up at the rail carriages in Pinjarra, to regroup and meet up with the Mandurah contingent, consisting of Mike Davie from Rockingham and Rodney Ziegelaar. Rodney showed up the rest of us, by bringing three generations on one motorbike. Father Braam and son Adam, all in the Chiang Jiang, which sped up the scarp like a bullet. Elliott had a few moments with the Beezer suffering a recalcitrant exhaust valve but soon everyone was parked up opposite the Blue Wren in Dwellingup and coffee flowed and sausages and eggs were consumed. Brian Higgs, still beaming after his fortunate requisition of a tidy little CX500 Honda, looked like a dog with two tails. Charles scolded Ron Gordon for having forsaken his Norton for a BMW and a Victory Riders group approached Guv to be their road captain,…