Step by Step Guide to Dating, Inspection and Licensing Club Motorcycles



Dating/licensing step by step guide

Please note: you must be a financial club member before your machine/s can be dated by the Club and also before your machine/s can be inspected and licensed concessionally.

Once licensed concessionally your machine can only be used on club events or for tuning/testing within 30 kms of home.

Fully licensed machines still need to be dated and inspected by the Club to ensure eligibility for use in Club events.

Dating/licensing step by step guide

Basic process: Fully licensed/unlicensed machines

  1. Owner to complete Dating Form and send to appropriate Dating Officer, Pre 1931, 1931 to Pre 1970 or 1970 on, with supporting information and photos
  2. Dating Officer to date the machine and return approval with the machine number to the owner
  3. During or after your machine is dated you may arrange for a visual verification of the machine’s Club eligibility. To have your machine visually inspected you may ask the dating officer to conduct the inspection or choose from a club inspector closer to your home.
  4. Machine to remain on full licence – (Go to Step 9)
  5. Fully licensed machine to concessional license – (Go to Step 7)
  6. Seeking Concessional Licence (unlicensed machines) – After dating, the Machine Examiner will inspect the machine (a $15 fee may apply) in accord with club eligibility, inspection and 404 concessional requirements and will issue a formal advice to that effect if machine is suitable. (Note 1: For an unlicensed machine you will require a movement permit prior to first inspection, even if you bring the bike on a trailer, as it cannot be road tested without a permit Note 2. If machine unlicensed road test is at your own risk. Note 3. You may take the machine to any DoT authorised examiner).
  7. Secretary to issue financial membership letter after confirming dating, visual inspection and, for an unlicensed bike, machine examination.
  8. Owner to complete licensing requirements with DOT
  9. Owner to provide dating, visual inspection and licence details to Club Registrar
  10. Club Registrar will issue the owner with yellow club registration disc & historic plate (for a fee).
  11. Machine can then be ridden in club events

Note: 1. the machine examiner may be able to issue the historic plate if stocks are available





The steps in somewhat more detail:

Steps in process Extracts from 05 VMCCWA Tech Procedural Instruction
Read club eligibility 25 year rule and preservation of machines A motorcycle is eligible at the end of the 25th year from manufacture. If the motorcycle has a plate showing the date of manufacture, it is eligible 25 years on from that date. All machines are deemed to have a birthday on the 31st of December of each year.


Machine must true to the “spirit of the times”


All machines must be defined in terms of their use and degree of authenticity as befits the “spirit of the times”, i.e. the ideas, beliefs, knowledge, technology and style of a particular period of time. The onus of proof of compliance lies with the owner.


Machine must be authentic The machine must comprise of at least four out of the following six original components, i.e.: Engine, gearbox or transmission, frame, forks, petrol tank, wheels. Faithful reproduction of two of the missing components is acceptable.  To be classed as original the components must come from a machine of the same make and type, but not necessarily the same year provided that the model concerned was manufactured basically unchanged over a period of years.  In addition, ancillary equipment, (where originally fitted) must be period appropriate, e.g. instruments, indicators, lighting, mufflers, seat, mudguards, brakes and suspension.  All components and machine appearance must accord with the “spirit of the times.”


Fill in dating form (available online) and send to dating officer with photos and supporting documentation. Contact details are online or in The Chatter for financial members.


All machines must be dated whether licensed or unlicensed machines. There are three dating Officers, one who dates bikes from pre 1931, one from 1931 to Pre 1970 and the other, from 1970 on.
Dating officer will verify machine’s date of manufacture and if successful advise approval and a club machine number


To assist the dating official you must supply clear photographs of your machine, from both sides and various angles, including photos on the engine, frame number and VIN where appropriate. Copies of licensing papers and ownership are also necessary. Where imported, copies of these papers should also be made available. Where modifications have been made from original specifications these must be declared and evidence provided where accessories are fitted that they are period appropriate. Onus of proof of dating lies with the owner
Once dated and visually inspected as authentic and club eligible you will need to take your unlicensed machine for a Ist Time Examination before using the machine in road based club events. Contact machine examiner to arrange inspection. Contact details are online or in The Chatter.


After the machine is dated, you will need to arrange for a visual inspection by an authorised club official . This applies to fully licensed and unlicensed machines. The club official will conduct a visual inspection to verify club eligibility.

Where a concessional license is sought for an unlicensed machine the 1st Time Machine Examiner will ensure the machine complies with 404 requirements.

(Note: For an unlicensed machine you will require a movement permit prior to first inspection, even if you bring the bike on a trailer, as it cannot be road tested without a permit).

It is your responsibility to have insurance on the bike before road testing, if not, it is at your own risk.

If a concessional license is sought the licensing requirements are quite stringent


For concessional licensing the motorcycle must be inspected prior to being used on a public road. Its construction and equipment must also be as to the manufacturer’s original specifications with no modifications.


Ist Time Inspection – take machine and supporting documents including completed dating form with you to the inspection. A fee applies for inspection (currently $15). Prior to the inspection, get as much information as possible, current licence papers (if it is fully licensed) and proof of ownership if it’s not.


If machine passes inspection seek financial membership letter from Club Secretary (this letter will only be issued if machine passes inspection). Contact details online for financial members only.


After the inspection, if approved, the machine examiner will advise the Club Secretary, who will issue a letter confirming club membership, this letter will also include dating details for your machine.


Documentation required for licensing For an unlicensed machine, the examiner will complete a Certificate of Inspection called an VL1 form.  The VL1 form will be forwarded to DOT. If OK, they will issue a Vehicle Passed MR form. You then take the MR form and the letter confirming Club membership to a DOT Licensing Centre. The original of the letter from the Club Secretary will be retained by the DOT Licensing Centre. For a licensed machine you will take the Club Secretary’s letter confirming club membership to DOT when you seek a concessional license. You will also require your current license papers. In all circumstances, you will also be required to complete a DOT E81 form, which is a statutory declaration that states, I………sincerely declare that the vehicle listed above will be used only in connection with club events or for conducting a road test. I undertake to notify the Department of Transport should I cease to be a financial member of the VMCCWA (Inc.).


Club registration It is a DOT requirement that you display, adjacent to the number plate, an additional plate signifying the motorcycle’s concessional status. These Historic plates are available from the Club Registrar for a $5 fee.  A machine eligibility yellow disc will only be issued after the Machine Registrar has been notified of dating, visual inspection and 1st time examination clearances and the registration number of the machine. The Bike’s yellow disc must be displayed on the bike and will remain with that machine while you are a Club member.

Please note: a flowchart of the licensing process is displayed in the Club’s 05 VMCCWA Tech Procedural Instruction which is online

Troubleshooting an LE Velocette

Fault finding Bruce Kirk’s LE Velocette. Bruce brought the LE up to the shed to try starting his recent project on the roller starter. No luck! however after awhile checking through carb, plugs, fuel, timing, compression yada yada.. still no pop! The funny thing was it would spark when hand cranked but not at higher crank speed so we ended up measuring the crank and timing cam with the dial gauge. It was bent 30thou which was enough throw timing at speed. Back to the bench.

pics by Nic Montagu

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