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Letter to the Editor

Hi My name is Lionel Rudd (membership number 766) currently living in Dili, Timor Leste. My partner and I have been here for nearly two years now working with St John of God Health Care in the National Hospital with a team of nurses and pathology scientists assisting to build capacity in the Timorese staff. I am primarily writing to congratulate the team publishing the online copy of the Vintage Chatter. It is my only link with the club apart from my occasional visits back to Perth which I try to align with a monthly meeting at the club. Unfortunately this is not always possible and the cost of flights between here and Perth prevent regular casual visits. The mail system here is only just getting back on its feet and as such, getting the paper copy of the Chatter delivered is not a viable option. When we want mail we get it forwarded to our Melbourne office and when someone comes to visit, they bring the mail. In that way on an irregular basis I receive my subscription of 'Old Bikes Australasia'. To catch up on news from the club, see photos of faces I recognise from meetings and read of the escapades of riders on team rides makes it worth persevering with the unreliable and slow internet connection here. I am really impressed with the colour photographs brightening up the issue. Including the stories of peoples' visits overseas adds another dimension as well. Can't see myself getting to Tan Hill Inn any time soon but, in my mind, the article is nearly as good as being there. Having just read and viewed the photos about Elliott Montagu's 1927 Triumph restoration gets me itching to be back in my shed at home. I'm looking forward to more of these articles if more of our members can be encouraged to document and publish their work to encourage on going restorations. A month doesn't go by without me checking out the parts / bikes for sale and dreaming of additional projects. Best left alone! I'm currently "working" on a couple of Triumph Speedtwins (1947 & 1951) as well as a 1948 BSA M20. "Work" at this stage consists of hunting down parts across the internet world and getting them sent to my sister's place in Beverley, to wait for me when I can make it back to Perth. Trips home are…