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Troubleshooting an LE Velocette

Fault finding Bruce Kirk's LE Velocette. Bruce brought the LE up to the shed to try starting his recent project on the roller starter. No luck! however after awhile checking through carb, plugs, fuel, timing, compression yada yada.. still no pop! The funny thing was it would spark when hand cranked but not at higher crank speed so we ended up measuring the crank and timing cam with the dial gauge. It was bent 30thou which was enough throw timing at speed. Back to the bench. pics by Nic Montagu  

1990 Overlanders re-enactment

In September 1990 a large group of club members re-enacted the 1926 WA Harley Club Gypsy Tour from Perth to Sydney and return. That the re-enactment was a success was largely due to the massive organising efforts of then club member Don Bowden. [gallery columns="2" ids="2466,2467,2468,2469,2470,2471,2472,2473,2474,2475,2476,2477,2478,2479,2480,2481,2482,2483,2484,2485,2486,2487,2488,2489,2490,2491,2492,2493,2494,2495,2496,2497,2498,2499,2500,2501,2502,2503,2504,2505,2506,2507,2508,2509,2510,2511,2512,2513,2514,2515,2516,2517,2518,2519,2520,2521,2522,2523,2524,2525,2526,2527,2528,2529,2530,2531,2532,2533,2534,2535,2536,2537,2538,2539,2540,2541,2542,2543,2544,2545,2546,2547,2548,2549,2550,2551,2552,2553"]

Albany Hill Climb – 2014

Despite some officious behaviour by a marshall which stopped a club committee member from riding, despite having paid and entered, some great shots were captured by Nic Montagu at the Albany Hillclimb. Hopefully the organisation of the meeting next year will not be marred by over zealous behaviour by club marshalls, [gallery columns="2" ids="2410,2411,2412,2413,2414,2415,2416,2417,2418,2419,2420,2421,2422,2423,2424,2428,2429,2430,2432,2433,2434,2435,2436,2437,2438,2439,2440,2441,2443,2444,2445,2446,2447,2448,2449,2450,2451,2452,2453,2454,2455,2457,2458,2460,2461"]