Distinguished Gentlemans Ride (DGR) – September 2016

The VMCCWA participated in the DGR again this year, photographs from the event are by Murray Barnard:

img_4740 img_4742 img_4743 img_4745 img_4747 img_4748 img_4749 img_4750 img_4751 img_4752 img_4753 img_4754 img_4756 img_4757 img_4758 img_4759 img_4760 img_4761 img_4762 img_4763 img_4764 img_4765 img_4766 img_4767 img_4769 img_4770 img_4771 img_4772 img_4773 img_4774 img_4776 img_4777 img_4778 img_4779 img_4781 img_4783 img_4784 img_4786 img_4787 img_4788 img_4789 img_4790 img_4791

Under 200cc Display – September 2016