The 46th Irish National Rally Preliminary

John Wightman writes from Ireland:
The night before last, we were driving till 8pm at night, light was fading quickly, we ended up in a quaint little village on a remote inlet in southern Ireland, Courtmacsherry. I opened the door of the only hotel and nearly got bowled over by a bunch of festive Irish folk, attending a wedding. I muscled my way up to the counter and a leprachaun like looking fellow asked if he could be of assistance. I said “We are a trio of weary Australian travellers and we were wondering if you have a triple room left for us”. “I don’t tink soo” he said let me check……..
Then he anxiously scanned the little croxley pad in front of him and pulled a face. We’ve got just one room left, aye but ye’ll nae be minding the nise of the wedding guests and nae only tat, we’ave a vintage motorcycle rally startin’ from the front of the hotel temorrrer morning at eeght.