1916 BSA K Model on VMCC of WA Foundation Run

This is a video of a 1916 BSA K Model riding sections of the VMCC of WA Foundation Run in Perth July 1st, 2012.
This is a trial with a Tachyon XC camera mounted on the riders chest with felt insulation on the camera body to cut wind noise, the felt covering was a vast improvement over the standard Tachyon XC that has an inbuilt microphone in a waterproof case and suffers from horrendous wind noise. The highly amplified rustling from the camera brushing up against the jacket is unavoidable.
The BSA K Model is a 560cc single cylinder veteran motorcycle, 3 speed, belt drive, with a right foot clutch, left foot rear brake, left hand decompresser and left hand manual ignition advance, a right hand twin throttle lever and right hand hand gear change. Engine lubrication is total lose with a tank mounted oil pump/oil regulator.