Elliott Montagu’s 1927 Triumph N model restoration – Part 1

In October 2008 I bought a frame, wheels, tank and some engine bits that were parts of one of six 1927 Triumph N models imported into WA. As you can see from the photos I had a lot of work ahead of me if I was going to make a roadworthy Club bike out of what I had. It’s now getting close to completion and my target is the Roaring Twenties Rally next year. There are many Club members who steered me in the right direction for obtaining parts and general info on the machine. Some bits took over a year to find. Peter Cornelius, the Vintage M/C of United Kingdom’s early Triumph expert was also very helpful. Peter who lives in NZ visited this club a couple of years ago and gave a talk on early Triumphs.Over the next months I will put some photos and words in the e-Chatter in the hope that it might encourage some of our newer members to give it a go. There are less ambitious projects around and plenty of info and help available.