Troubleshooting an LE Velocette

Fault finding Bruce Kirk’s LE Velocette. Bruce brought the LE up to the shed to try starting his recent project on the roller starter. No luck! however after awhile checking through carb, plugs, fuel, timing, compression yada yada.. still no pop! The funny thing was it would spark when hand cranked but not at higher crank speed so we ended up measuring the crank and timing cam with the dial gauge. It was bent 30thou which was enough throw timing at speed. Back to the bench.

pics by Nic Montagu

905521_1520325924889148_19045452660542598_o 1512272_1520325981555809_4293431853751341368_o 1912415_1520325964889144_6872525702369405452_o 10257770_1520325898222484_8841837116918426701_o 10321676_1520326038222470_8466900263476585143_o 10382561_1520326024889138_2499922999184101628_o 10452901_1520326034889137_1900993421980061709_o 10626229_1520325948222479_3726332232070141677_o 10626284_1520325988222475_1852190105231957950_o 10679704_1520325921555815_199995573590778530_o 10680078_1520325918222482_9050289447568887452_o 10700648_1520325931555814_5762321471602169373_o 10712647_1520325994889141_7024916540513182426_o