Elliott Montagu’s 1927 Triumph N model restoration – Part 2

1927 Triumph N restoration – continued

To continue from last month, the frame and forks needed a little work but were generally OK. The wheel bearings were replaced, the brake drums skimmed, linings renewed, new axles made and the wheels respoked with stainless steel spokes. It was a physiological lift to see something that resembled a motor cycle standing in the shed. I needed a set of flywheels but in the meantime the cylinder was rebored and a piston obtained. Fortunately the engine came with the cams. Valves were manufactured from new car valves, guides were turned up and springs obtained from the UK, main and big end bearings were bought. After about twelve months I sourced a set of fly wheels but on dismantling them I found they weren’t much good. The lack of fly wheels was becoming a major problem but was fixed when a Club member who had heard I needed flywheels brought a set along to a Club meeting and kindly donated them to the cause. I had two conrods both of which were checked for straightness and twist. The lathe bed does as a flat surface for this. The flywheels were assembled using the best conrod and the assembly trued using a dial guage. Engine retaining bolts were made and bolt heads and nuts were turned to replicate the original article. The engine was assembled and I then turned my attention to getting something to put inside the empty gear box that came with the bike bits. I was also short of a carby.