Economy Run 2015








Report on the economy run 31st May 2015

Weather report suggested a great day for bike ride. No rain and plenty of sun.

That was exactly how it turned out. First thing in the morning was a bit cold but as we had planned a later start of 10:30 and it proved to be ideal.

When we arrived at Karragullen servo there were 4 bikes already there and I thought maybe we will not get many on this run this year. But my pessimism proved to be unfounded as when we started to fuel up another 10 rocked up.

The route of the run was a new one but to most folk on familiar roads. One bike decided to lose the air in its rear tyre and had to be a customer of the back-up trailer. Neil decided to finish the run as a passenger in Mike’s chair.

The run was over a distance of 126Km and the first prize went once again to Ron Chave on his Ariel 350 cc single returning figures of a little under 120 MPG. An outstanding result. Other notable results were Mick Trevor on his BSA 441 single with 95 MPG and Adrian White on his RE 500 single with 87 MPG.

The organiser was a little disappointed with the numbers on the run given the conditions were ideal for bike riding.