Round the River Run – April 2013

Despite a bit of cloud cover and an early shower, 16 bikes including two side cars and a visitor turned up for the run. we had a nice selection of bikes quiet a few Triumphs, a couple of BSA’s, a Levis, a Norton, a Honda , a Yamaha and two Beemers.

The Swan yacht club was a great starting point, those of us who got there early availed ourselves of a splendid buffet breakfast, siting out looking over the river, and watching the rest of the bikes turn up.

the run was a leisurely amble through the picturesque riverside suburbs, folks commented on how pretty it was. We had a couple of stops on the way for every one to catch up and gave every one an opportunity to have a chat. It was also an opportunity for some newer members and our visitor to get to know a few folks.

surviving a short shower as we ran along the coast at Cotesloe as well as a few dodgy instructions on the route sheet, we all got back to the yacht club for a BBQ (with award winning sausages) a couple of beers and a good chat.

A big thank you to new member Ron (out on his first ride with the club) who not only lent me his Thunderbird, but his wife and extended family came down to the yacht club and cooked the BBQ for us! also a big thanks to my nephew Erik who drove the back up.

All in all a good morning out, I will tweak the run a bit for next time, to make it a bit smoother and correct the route sheet as well!

Alex Marshall