Pre 31 Paddock Ride – 24 June 2012

We had our tryout run on the Southern River Road paddock yesterday and it went pretty well. 10 members showed up with 7 bikes. We set out the witches hats in three course layouts and attempted to get around without putting feet down,hitting the hats or falling off! Carl brought his Rudge but had some clutch trouble,and had to settle for a run on my ’24 AJS.
Ken and Bill also had a ride on the ’24 AJS and gave it the thumbs up. Colin and Delys had their Indians,I took my Indian as well and Bill rode his sloper up from Rockingham with John on his BMW.
Jim and his wife were on duty as time keepers and judges. It was a good test for our new venue and we should be able to organize a planned event for the future.
All up it was a good morning out and a different kind of run for the old bikes.