Foundation Day 2013

The sun was scarcely up by the time I arrived at the Cowlins, to load up the blood blister DKW E300 alongside Bill’s big Beezer V twin. By the time we approached West Swan, we were glad that we had brought rainsuits as the sky looked purple. However the clouds held their load and Steve Merrals was able to marshal proceedings satisfactorily from underneath the sails in front of the Motor Museum at Whiteman Park.
Thirteen vintage bikes, two veterans and twelve in the “fish and chips” category, were soon careering down the road towards Gingers, Steve craftily guiding us on a snaking path through the back alleys. My coil wire parted company from the coil and I came to an abrupt halt, with the back up just minutes behind me, I had just enough time to load ‘er up and sort out the problem at Gingers.
After the 20 minutes smoko at Gingers we were off again, I was following the “clean-as-a-whistle” Triumph of Terry McKie and Bruce Kirk through the back plots of Brigadoon; vines were omnipresent. By around 11.00 am we were all back at the Motor Museum, the gasping crowds in their hordes were gathered; some of the punters took a whirl through the Museum which seems to have more motorcycles than I can remember from before.
All in all, a most enjoyable day out in the saddle and thanks to Steve for such a cracker of a run….
John #811