Membership Application

Vintage Motor Cycle Club of WA (Inc)

Classes of Club Membership:

Ordinary Member: An ordinary member has full voting rights and any other rights conferred on members by these rules or approved by resolution at a general meeting or determined by the committee.

Country Member: Members whose usual place of abode lies outside 100 km from the Club headquarters. Has the rights of an ordinary member.

Schedule of fees:

Application fee $30
Metro member $35
Country member – (see note above) $30
Optional: Club Magazine printed and mailed (default is free online downloadable access) $30

If you wish to join the Vintage Motorcycle Club of Western Australia Inc, please download a copy of our membership application form ( see links below) and send to the Assistant Membership Secretary (see details below)

APPLICATION FORM: If you wish to join the VMCCWA please download the application form here: Membership form in Word doc format

Please complete the application and ensure that your application includes a nomination by an existing financial Club member. If you do not personally know an existing financial club member please attend a monthly Club meeting and speak with the Secretary or any Club official. If you are out of the metropolitan area please contact the Secretary to discuss this requirement.

Please highlight on the application the class of membership sought and ensure the appropriate fee is paid.

Payment by direct BANK TRANSFER (is the preferred method) or by Mail using a crossed cheque made out to VMCC of WA BANK TRANSFER to Bank – B.O.Q.
BSB – 126547
Acc – 21998733 You must include the following details on the bank transfer-  Account name – VMCC of WA
2. Description – Membership Fee
3. Message/Reference – Your Name

Don’t forget to also email the membership application to the Secretary along with contact details.

Enquiries: Please address all enquiries to the Membership Secretary – Email: or mail to: PO Box 858, Hillarys, WA 6923