Vintage Motor Cycle Club of Western Australia (VMCCWA) Inc.

Dedicated to the use and preservation of motorcycles and especially those more than 25 years of age.


Club Member's Access to Club Website
Note access requires the current Club password which can be found on your membership slip

Club Events Calendar.

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Logging a 404 Run
To log an impromptu run, the easiest way is to proceed to the Club website and enter the Club password. The Impromptu run log can be selected from the site menu. If you have difficulty logging in i.e. forgotten the password, email web@vmccwa and record your impromptu run details in the email e.g. Name, machine being used, licence rego, destination plus starting address and return address, date and times. Note: Impromptu runs must be logged in advance and are for one day only and not consecutive days.

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