Vintage Motorcycle Club of Western Australia (Inc)
(known as the VMCCWA)

Dedicated to the ownership. use and preservation of motorcycles over 25 years of age

What do we do? Club information and benefits:
There are over 600 members in the club with well over a thousand machines registered with the club. You are sure to meet someone in the club with a common interest. Be sure to contact a club official if you want more advice on the club or alternatively attend a club monthly meeting or come on a bike run with us. You don’t need a historic machine to ride with the Club or to participate.

The VMCCWA does; however, cater for all machines manufactured from the 1900s through to the late 1990s. Eligibility for machines to be concessionally licensed is basic, i.e. must be 25 years or older since manufacture. All makes and capacities are welcome. To be eligible for a 404 license concession; however, the Dept of Transport requires machines to be basically unmodified and as manufactured. For C4C concessions the machine must be manufactured prior to 1990. So from Fantic 125 Chopper through to 1300 Kawasaki Six, don’t be shy the VMCCWA has events you can participate in. The club also has one the best motorcycle library in Australia and a parts store for members. Come to a meeting or come on a ride and check it out.

The club offers a range of events to suit all tastes including short morning social meets, full day rides, 2 day rallies, tours, an annual swap meet, static displays and even a free cuppa at the monthly meetings. The Club also has significant assets available for members, including meeting rooms, a well stocked spare parts store, an extensive library of motorcycle books, technical manuals and magazines and an online technical library. Whether you’re a rider, a restorer, a talker, or just a looker, you’re more than welcome to come along and join us and share our common interest in old motorcycles. If you have a bike and need help, or need some parts, or are just thinking about getting a bike, please ask the Secretary to introduce you to members who may be able to assist you.


The VMCCWA meets at 8pm sharp every first Wednesday of the month at the the Veteran Car Club of WA (Inc) Club Rooms, 265 Hale Road, Wattle Grove. (Near corner of Tonkin Highway).
The Club also hosts meetings of the Pre 31 Section, the Post 70 Section and the Albany Section.


Concessional Registration – Club eligible bikes can be concessionally registered through the Club. Bikes can then be used during daylight hours for Club events and limited testing. Cost is around $90 per year, a huge saving!

Regular Club Newsletter: Club Newsletter, financial members can subscribe to a print copy or the digital version is online.

Facebook page: to help build the Club community the VMCCWA has several Facebook pages, some of these are closed to members only to preserve privacy & to encourage open discussion.

Technical Library: This includes a wide array of technical manuals and information on most common makes and models of older motorcycles from ABC to Zundapp. There is a hardcopy technical library available for reference and copying as well as an extensive online technical library.

General Library – This includes a wide range of general reading and reference material for motorcycles and motorcycle sports. The library is a treasure house of information.


Spare Parts Store – This includes a wide range of used parts for sale at very reasonable prices. Have a look, you might find a bargain! Ballots of bikes and parts are held frequently.

Technical Information – Can be sought from many technical experts in the Club, and from periodic information sessions at the monthly meetings.

Tea / Coffee & a Biscuit /raffles – At every monthly meeting! Come along for a chat and a free cuppa…

Club rides/Events/Swap Meet/Displays – full calendar for the year – social rides, rallies, coffee meets, free BBQ runs, etc.

Backup Trailer: A backup trailer often follows the club runs to collect anyone unlucky enough to breakdown. This service is provided free to Club members.

Club Trailer: the Club trailer often attends Club events to provide hot cuppa tea or coffee and a BBQ sausage sizzle. It also has a power source and carries equipment such as gazebos.