The VMCCWA has a responsibility to both regulate 404 & C4C concessional licences and to maintain its stated aim of preserving motorcycles over 25 years of age.

404 Concessional licence requirements: A motorcycle is eligible for 404 if it is over 25 years old. The machine must be basically unmodified and as manufactured to qualify for 404. Financial membership of the Club is essential to apply for and retain the 404 concession. The VMCCWA works closely with the Department of Transport (DoT) to protect and maintain the privilege of 404 concessions. A 404 concession provides a 100% reduction on both the vehicle license fee and vehicle license duty and also a reduced rate on third party insurance.. The VMCCWA runs approved events nearly every day of the week which allows owners of a 404 concessionally licensed machine to use their machines frequently all year round. The VMCCWA helps members obtain a concessional license by assisting with advice on machine roadworthiness checks, dating of machines, confirmation of originality and the issue of forms required by DoT to license the machine on 404. In addition the VMCCWA can walk members through the process with the help of dedicated volunteers dealing with concessional licenses. The VMCCWA can help members by explaining the process and assisting with compliance issues. The VMCCWA also provides the facility to log your ride if choose to ride your machine other than on a Club approved event, If you prefer to do your own research, you can read more on the 404 process on the DoT website:

C4C Concessional license requirements: C4C is a concession introduced to accommodate modified vehicles. The concession is a bit less generous than 404 and is more limiting. C4C is only for machines older than 1990.and only for fully licensed machines. C4C provides for a 75% reduction on the license fee component and a reduction on motor injury insurance policy. C4C machine use is limited to 60 days Club use on approved events and 30 days personal use on each calendar year All use must be logged prior to the event. The VMCCWA can assist members to access the C4C concession in much the same way as described previously for 404. If you prefer to do your own research you can read more on the C4C process on the DoT website: